Our centre is open 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year, including a Early Bird Service for rough sleepers operating from 8am. Access to shower and laundry facilities and a mail service are available and breakfast and lunch are served daily by our team of dedicated kitchen volunteers.  Clothing, sleeping bags and other essential and useful items are also available for those in need.

The difficulties often associated with the lifestyle of homelessness and especially those who are entrenched within that lifestyle, often mitigate against a person’s therapeutic engagement with statutory health services. Experience has shown that clients are much more likely to access these services when they have initial contact within a familiar environment of St Petrock’s centre.

Clients are able to take advantage of free weekly visits by a mental health practitioner and chiropodist as well as a bi-monthly barber and regular drop-ins from the city’s Assertive Homeless Outreach Team.

As part of Exeter City Council’s Severe Weather Emergency Provision service, aimed at bringing in rough sleepers during periods of extreme weather, St Petrock’s regularly provides emergency overnight accommodation, for up to 11 rough sleepers, with other partner agencies in the city.  This service not only helps save lives; it also offers opportunities for some of our most hard to reach clients to engage with staff and become fully aware of the services available to them and consider a move into accommodation.