10th June 2020

Important Information – Covid 19 – Updates

Update August 20:  

St Petrock’s has worked hard to adapt our homelessness and housing services to operate effectively and reactively throughout the Covid-19 crisis.

In line with government guidance and additional funding, Exeter City Council offered temporary emergency accommodation to everyone who was sleeping outdoors at the end of March.  A significant number of rough-sleepers were placed in hotels and, alongside our other ongoing services, St Petrock’s is helping provide support to help them sustain this accommodation.  

Meanwhile, we are continuing to work closely with new clients to provide rough-sleeper services in the city. We are continually updating and expanding our provision via St Petrock’s resource centre as it becomes safe for us to do so. 


Homelessness services:

St Petrock’s is providing ongoing support to around 32 people who were placed in emergency hotel accommodation due to the Covid 19 situation.  Our current support includes daily delivery of cooked meals, provision of clothing, toiletries, ‘distraction packs’ and emotional support to help people adapt to being indoors.  We hope that this experience of being ‘inside’ will open up new opportunities for some longer-term rough sleepers in the months ahead.

We are now also able to provide limited rough sleeper services inside St Petrock’s centre for individuals alongside our external provision. Our current services via our centre include:

  • Basic survival services (takeaway meals; clothing; laundry facilities; phone-charging; showers; toiletries; sleeping bags; individual admission for phone & computer access).  
  • Housing assessment, housing advice and referral into accommodation.
  • specialist welfare rights service(to enable clients to access relevant welfare benefits).
  • Health & wellbeing services (including a mental health clinic– now operating remotely via Zoom).
  • Ongoing key-working, support & referral to external health, substance misuse, legal & other services.

For further information about our rough-sleeper services, please contact: rowan@stpetrocks.org.uk


Housing services:

Our housing services continue to work to create accommodation options for people who cannot access statutory or other supported accommodation elsewhere, and provide ongoing support to help them sustain it:

  • Our St Petrock’s shared house provides short-term / emergency accommodation for homeless clients until more permanent options are available.
  • We manage a number of shared flats, providing short to medium term accommodation for clients with varying support needs.
  • Our Private Rental & Support (PRS) project helps vulnerable people to find, set-up, finance and maintain sustainable tenancies in the private rented sector.
  • Fair Lets, our social lettings agency works with both landlords and tenants to provide affordable and sustainable tenancies for a range of local people with housing needs.


If you wish to speak to someone from our PRS service, please call 07927 156337 or email shiralee@stpetrocks.org.uk

For further information about our Fair Lets service, please phone 07572390647 or email info@fair-lets.org.uk


General enquiries: 

Please note that whilst we are very grateful for your support, we have limited capacity to receive and sort item donations at St Petrock’s centre at this time – please do contact us before you travel to check we can take your donations.  However, we are able to receive items from our Amazon Wishlist – please do see here for details of our current most urgent needs.

We are not currently taking on new volunteers directly.  If you would like to offer volunteering support or resources in the community, please do provide details via Exeter Wellbeing’s response page, where offers are matched with local need across the city: https://exeter.gov.uk/wellbeing/

For general enquiries please contact: info@stpetrocks.org.uk  (Please note that our admin staff are predominantly working remotely).


Thank you for your support at this time – it is hugely appreciated.