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“I suppose everyone thinks it can’t happen to them. But it can.” 

Former St Petrock’s client


We rely on our wonderfully generous community for most of our clothing and survival gear, such as sleeping bags and rucksacks.

If you’re in a position to buy something new, please do check out what we need via our Amazon wishlist 

We generally welcome second-hand items, but please note we can only take new underwear.

When sorting donations, our clients will always be given first priority and all suitable items are given directly to them for free.

Any items that are unsuitable for direct use by our clients may instead be sold in our charity shop, where all funds go directly to support our frontline homelessness services.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept bedding, including duvets, furniture or large household items.

If you’re donating items, it is best to deliver them via our shop, Petrock’s Place, in Paris Street (open 11am – 5.30pm Tues – Sat) as you can easily park at the rear.

Thank you so much!

Most wanted

If you are thinking of donating, please check out our list of wanted items below:

Most wanted items