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Rough sleeper support

“Understand this about St Petrock’s – it’s not tea and sympathy they provide but practical help when it is needed.”

A former St Petrock’s client

Please remember that rough sleeping is dangerous and should always be a last resort.  If you do sleep rough, please follow this advice:

  • Always sleep where there are other people.
  • Make sure you sleep on top of something like a blanket, a sleeping bag or a bench and not directly on the ground.
  • Try to keep your head, hands and feet well covered and warm.
  • Eat or drink something hot before going to bed in order to keep your body warm.

Our outreach team go out roughly between 8.30 am to 10.30 am and from 12 pm to 1 pm, serving hot drinks, breakfasts and cooked lunches, and talking to you individually about your needs.

Find out more about the team’s approximate morning route here

(Please see our Free Food page for details of where you can get free hot food)

If you’re homeless, our centre provides a range of support every weekday:

  • Breakfast, lunch & drinks via our outreach service
  • Showers & toiletries
  • Clothing
  • Sleeping bags & other essentials

Speak directly to a member of our team on outreach, by ringing our buzzer 8.30 am – 1 pm, Monday – Friday or contact us at  /01392 217550

We aim to ensure that anyone new to homelessness is helped into accommodation as soon as possible.


Support from a range of professionals

Our team, including trained counsellors, housing specialists and social workers, ensure that when you arrive at the centre you receive individual support and that your immediate needs are dealt with.


An assessment of your needs

We will undertake a full assessment of your housing, health and welfare needs and we will work with you on a personalised support plan to help you access support services and suitable accommodation, where possible.

We aim to ensure that anyone new to homelessness is fast-tracked into accommodation as soon as possible.


Preventing homelessness

Prevention is an important part of our work and we provide advice on welfare benefits, debt and finance, tenancy issues and impending evictions and unemployment. Help at this stage can enable you to get your life back on track and escape homelessness.

We offer weekly sessions with a mental health practitioner who offers counselling. We are visited regularly by a chiropodist and a hairdresser and we hold a weekly women’s group.

If you are unwell or injured, our team will refer you to a nurse, who is often at our centre, or a GP based at the Clocktower Surgery, which provides healthcare for people without a home.


IMPORTANT: We will support you for however long you need us to. However, we ask that you are respectful and polite to our staff or you may not be able to continue to use our services.