27th July 2015

Our bid to The Exeter Board to provide in-house weekly medical nursing and clinical psychologist sessions at both our centre and at Gabriel House, the city’s hostel, has been successful with an award of £9,000.

“We’re delighted that local and county councilors on The Exeter Board agreed to support our bid as this will provide much needed nursing and mental health support at both St Petrock’se and Gabriel House for six months while new integrated healthcare services are being designed explained Mel Hartley, project manager of St Petrock’s.

“The experience of homelessness has a seriously detrimental effect on individuals’ well-being. When sleeping rough, simply staying warm and dry, keeping clean, getting enough sleep and a balanced diet can be a huge daily challenge.   In addition to physical health problems, many people we see are coping with complex mental health, addiction, social exclusion and family breakdown issues, which impact upon their ability to make positive changes. The services available in St Petrock’s centre are a lifeline to many, and an invaluable gateway to further support.

A recent snapshot of our clients’ health needs showed us that all of the people attending our centre had either a physical health or mental health need and often both, which in the vast majority of cases are not being treated – this funding will certainly make a big difference to them accessing medical support.”