6th May 2016

Last year, the partnership of our PORCH team, Police and Probation Services contributed towards a 37.5% reduction re-offending rates in Exeter, East & Mid Devon resulting in safer communities and improved life. During ’15/’16, PORCH worked with 93 new referrals and accommodated 63 people. 24% of clients were engaged in training, volunteering or work ready schemes and 90% were actively engaged in health or substance misuse services.

PORCH’s main objective is to reduce re-offending by offenders, identified as being prolific and persistent offenders and causing the most crime – PORCH is targeted to provide an effective resettlement service for at least 80 offenders a year and consistency out performs this target.

Providing a range of stepped housing options and floating support from custody to community, PORCH contacts its referred client within 2 weeks of the referral in order to start building a relationship which will enable, in most instances, for clients to be moved seamlessly from prison into community accommodation.