30th March 2021

2021 marks 25 years since St Petrock’s first opened its doors.  Sadly, homelessness remains a serious issue in our city – and following a year of global upheaval, the need for community involvement in assisting those affected is more urgent than ever before.

To mark the anniversary, St Petrock’s is running a 25 Year Anniversary Campaign to provide supporters with a range of simple steps that they can take to help people gain the extra support they need to move away from homelessness.  Throughout the year, we’ll be inviting you to take part in 25 specific challenges to meet the needs of people who are homeless or vulnerably housed. 

We’ll be sharing challenge prompts on social media throughout the year, but people are welcome to get started at any time. You can keep track and join in on social media via the hashtag:  #stpetrocks25


19/25 Bake StP’s client favourite 25th anniversary apple cake & share with a neighbour or friend in need: http://stpetrocks.org.uk/25th-anniversary-recipes/

20/25 Walk for 25 mins in memory of 25 people who lost their lives to homelessness:  https://dying-homeless.museumofhomelessness.org/

21/25 Get up 25mins early for a week in solidarity with the sleep deprivation people often experience on the streets.

22/25 Get 25 people to join you in a team festive fundraiser: Christmas fancy dress day? Donations in place of office Christmas cards? Mince pies eve with the neighbours? We’d love to see your creative ideas – and you can set up a personalised sponsorship page to share your adventures & get support flowing too.

23/25 Donate £25 in place of a Christmas present for a friend: Your seasonal gifts can make a lasting difference by opening doors for people without a home in the year ahead. If you’d like a gift certificate to show the recipient how they have helped, please do get in touch at info@stpetrocks.org.uk

24/25 Get 25 people to make StP’s origami House of Good Wishes & share your decorated images on social media to help raise awareness of homelessness in our city.

25/25 Choose 1 of our 25 challenges from this year to develop in 2022: Improving the lives of people affected by homelessness involves support from the whole community, and perseverance and dedication too. StP’s never gives up on people, however long it takes. Will you join us in 2022?


13/25 Donate suncream (Factor 25+)  

14/25 Live on £25 for a week

15/25 Get 25 people to sign Shelter’s petition to help improve access to rented accommodation (and/or write to your MP)

16/25 Add 25lbs to your (daily) walk, in solidarity with people who have nowhere to leave their belongings

17/25 Donate a sleeping bag directly to our September Sleeping Bag Appeal, or purchase one for (roughly) £25 from our Amazon Wishlist:

18/25 Say 25 hellos to Big Issue sellers


7/25 Use #stpetrocks25 on social media and like 25 of our posts

8/25 Make one of Linda’s 25th anniversary recipes and share your photos

9/25 Get sponsored to take part in a 25 hour / day technology / social media fast, & donate to client phone & internet access in StP’s centre

10/25 Get your company to donate £25 to StP’s

11/25 Buy 25 hot drinks over the year for a person without a home

12/25 Talk to 25 people about the 25th anniversary challenges


Step Up 25 Miles

1/25 Walk 25 miles

2/25 Run 25 miles

3/25 Cycle 25 miles

4/25 Swim 25 miles (or metres – anyone getting in the sea / rivers at this time of year has earnt their sponsorship!)

5/25 Skate 25 miles

6/25 Cover 25 miles in the most original mode of transport you can find – or mix the above!

St Petrock’s Rough Sleeper Support Team walk approximately 25 miles every week, making daily contact with people on the streets.

Step up to join them by getting sponsored to cover 25miles at your own pace.  The means of locomotion is optional: walking, running, stepping up, bicycling, abseiling, swimming, skating, scootering or a mixture! We will be profiling the person who comes up with the most original transport method!

You can set up your own personalised online fundraising page to share your adventures with friends and family by selecting the ‘create a fundraising page‘ button on wonderful.org

(Please see here for other ways to give.)

CHALLENGE: StP’s Kitchen Recipes

Linda our kitchen manager will be sharing 25 of our client’s favourite meals over the course of the year. Food that brings warmth, comfort and a taste of ‘home’ always goes down a treat. We’ll be posting the recipes here. Give them a go, make a donation and send us / share a picture of your dish on social media (#stpetrocks25) – enjoy!