Helping clients access and maintain accommodation which meets their individual needs is the focus of much of our work.

Our Private Rent & Support  Service helps clients, with have no statutory rights to social housing, to access accommodation in the private rented sector in Exeter and surrounding areas.  To-date this service has accommodated over 120 individuals since April 2011 and has a 89% success rate of tenancies of over 6 months.  In 2015/16, 30 new tenancies were set up and support provided.

St Petrock’s has been providing a Housing Advice & Through the Gate Service at HMP Exeter since 2003. The Housing Advice team focus their support on prisoners who do not have a Probation licence and are likely to be released NFA (No Fixed Abode) and those whose tenancies may be at risk while they are in custody. In 2015/16, our last year of our contract, the team worked with 1,326 individuals and found accommodation for 754 on release; achieving a 85% KPT well above the target.

The PORCH (Prolific Offender Resettlement through Co-ordinated Housing) Project was started in 2006 to promote social inclusion, reduce re-offending and make communities safer.  PORCH aims to motivate persistent offenders, support clients access appropriate accommodation immediately upon release and provides tailored support to offenders in the community for as long as necessary. In 2015/16, the PORCH team worked with 93 ex-offenders and provided accommodation and support to 63 clients in the city.

The centre’s Project Team also provide access into emergency accommodation/assessment beds in the city as well as reconnections for those who are new to homelessness or new to Exeter, with no local connection. In 2015/16 there were 11,276 visits to our centre and we reconnected 37 individuals to areas where accommodation could be offered.