Helping people off the streets and into decent and affordable accommodation is the focus of much of our work.

Our Private Rent & Support (PR&S) service helps clients, with have no statutory rights to social housing, access accommodation in the private rented sector in Exeter and surrounding areas. This PRS service provides a comprehensive end-to-end service to support clients with every element of selecting, moving in, setting up and maintaining a home.  For the client, practical support following move-in is extensive and includes setting up benefit claims, utility accounts and accessing necessities. In addition, ongoing support to develop budgeting , domestic and personal healthcare or access to work or training opportunities. At all times the support provided is client-led, personalised and flexible.

To-date this service has accommodated 156 individuals since April 2011 and has a 91% success rate of tenancies of over 6 months.  During 2016/17, 26 individuals were helped to access private rented accommodation and a further 65 individuals were supported in their tenancies.

A new Emergency Housing Project opened in August 2017, which provides fast access to emergency accommodation for clients with low to medium support needs. The project aims to provide a period of stability and trial tenancy for clients while PR&S team secures suitable long-term accommodation.

A recent 2 year contract, from Exeter City Council, to deliver a Rapid Response service aims to offer a fast and co-ordinated response to help provide new rough sleepers and people at risk of homelessness settled and sustainable accommodation; reducing the time spent in emergency accommodation.

As part of Exeter City Council’s Safe Sleep initiative last winter to provide interim emergency overnight accommodation to the city’s rough sleepers, St Petrock’s provided an overnight service for 23 nights between Nov/Dec 2017 and provided 230 bedspaces for 11 individuals.  This service not only helps save lives it also offers a valuable opportunity for clients to engage with staff and appreciate the benefits the being ‘inside’.