St Petrock’s centre will be open as usual throughout the festive period, and will be serving a special meal, with games and gifts, to people who are homeless on Christmas Day.

We also work hard throughout the year to support people away from homelessness into more settled and fulfilling lives.

We are so grateful for the wonderful community support we receive at what is a difficult time of year for many; thank you.  Below are some ideas you may like to consider to impact the lives of vulnerable local people – not just at Christmas, but to set them up for the year ahead.

(Please see here for details of our Christmas Opening Times)


SEASONAL DONATIONSIf you would like to give more than a gift this Christmas, your seasonal donations are the most effective way of making a lasting difference in the life of someone in crisis. The examples below show the impact that your donation can have upon individuals accessing St Petrock’s housing and homelessness services.

Please see here for ways to make a donation.

Donating in place of a Christmas gift for a friend or family member?  If you contact us with details of your payment and the recipient, we can send you a gift receipt via email to let your loved one know the impact their gift will have.


-WORKPLACE FESTIVE FUNDRAISING:  Why not consider holding a festive bake sale, organising a collection in place of sending Christmas cards, or as part of a Secret Santa to generate a bit of Christmas spirit in your workplace?


-AMAZON WISHLIST:  Purchase an essential survival equipment or clothing item from our Amazon wishlist to support rough-sleepers accessing St Petrock’s daily survival services.  Items are delivered directly to us, and enable us to manage our limited storage space effectively.



Update 16th December 2019:  The local community have been so incredibly generous with items this Christmas that we are currently well-stocked with clothing, toiletries and similar items and have run out of storage space.  Unless you have already pre-arranged delivery with us, we’d be very grateful if you could hold on to any further clothing donations until February 2020 if at all possible, when we have capacity to receive them – it will be a long winter after Christmas is over, and they will be well used then. 

Alternatively, if you have coats / similar warm items to donate that can’t be stored, you can drop these at Exeter Central Library Coat Rail, where they are free for people in need to take – and will still reach many StP’s homeless clients.

Thank you for your understanding and support – it’s hugely appreciated! 

We’re very grateful for essential donations and small gifts to help brighten up our clients’ Christmas.  However, people’s generosity at this busy time of year can be a little overwhelming; we are a small charity with extremely limited storage space and can sometimes struggle to store items from large-scale collections!  If you would like to support us in this way, you can help us by:

1) Contact us before organising a collection to ensure we have capacity to receive them.

2) Be aware that if full, we may unfortunately have to ask you to hold on to larger collections of needed items until the new year  (They will still be  very well used & appreciated then!)

3) Collecting items from the attached Wishlist .

4) Ensuring larger items are given loose.  Smaller gifts can be wrapped, but NOT put in shoe boxes please. (These cause big waste issues in our centre at a time when we’re trying to ‘go green’.)

5) Please be aware that about 85% of people accessing our centre are male.


Please note that we are fully equipped with VOLUNTEERS throughout the Christmas period & do not have any further short-term vacancies – thank you for your amazing support!

On behalf of all at St Petrock’s THANK YOU for your amazing support of local people who are homeless or vulnerably housed – we couldn’t do this without you! 

Wishing you a peaceful and happy Christmas.