Welcome to StP’s centre: Virtual Tour

21st October 2020

Welcome to St Petrock's centre.

Take a look around our resource centre - the base from which our homelessness services in Exeter operate each day. Come inside and we'll show you around, via our virtual guided tour...

(Thank you to Michal Konopko for putting together our video: https://michalkonopko.com/)


Hands For Homelessness Appeal

1st October 2020

Homelessness is a continued, significant issue in Exeter.  St Petrock's specialist survival, advice and support services are the first ‘port of call’ for many people who are rough-sleeping or vulnerably housed, and a gateway to more settled lives.  This autumn, we’re running a Hands For Homelessness campaign to encourage local people to show their support and ‘give a hand’ in making our city somewhere where everyone can benefit from housing, health, inclusion and growth. (Thank you to Amani Ridd for our logo design!)


To ‘give a hand’ and work with us in tackling local homelessness,  you can:
  • Organise a sponsored event (...

Important Information – Covid 19 

23rd September 2020

Important Information - Covid 19 - Updates

St Petrock’s has worked hard to adapt our homelessness and housing services to operate effectively and reactively throughout the Covid-19 crisis. In line with government guidance and additional funding, Exeter City Council offered temporary emergency accommodation to everyone who was sleeping outdoors at the end of March.  A significant number of rough-sleepers were placed in hotels and, alongside our other ongoing services, St Petrock’s is helping provide support to help them sustain this accommodation.   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Homelessness services: